In Vivo Pharmacology


Prior to entering efficacy studies in rodents or larger mammals, it is critical to assess the tolerability of a novel compound. The Pharmacology Core is able to assess tolerability using small groups of animals, with animals being closely appraised for signs of test article related morbidity.



The Pharmacology Core is able to assess both the action of the drug on target organs as well as metabolic and pharmacokinetic drug parameters through provision of a wide range of services in rodents; including instrumented animals for assessment of plasma/blood drug levels over time after administration, models to assess lymphatic adsorption following oral administration and analytical methods to assess serum protein binding. Organs and tissues may be collected for analysis by LC or radiographic (or other) means to determine drug and metabolite levels. These studies will define the pharmacodynamic behaviour of new medicines, where toxicology or efficacy can be correlated to drug distribution and exposure.


The Pharmacology Core provides professional, SOP-driven preclinical services. Currently, the Core, through BC Cancer’s Investigational Drug Program (IDP), specializes in xenograft and murine tumour models for screening new drug candidates for anti-cancer efficacy. These oncology models are based on successful transplantations of human cancer tissue into immuno-compromised mice. Patient derived material representing prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and pancreatic cancer are all well established. Currently, a number of validated cancer models are available.

Small Animal GLP Toxicology

The Pharmacology Core provides SOP driven GLP safety toxicology studies in mice and rat models. These services fulfill the requirements for IND or CTA filing for rodent toxicology. We offer highly customized services, which include single dose range finding or acute studies, repeat dose studies and acute, chronic or subchronic toxicity. These services include comprehensive cbc/differential and blood chemistry screen results with specialized analytical panels available and a complete histopathology report. Standard services to define drug tolerability and target organ toxicities are available and supported by pathology capabilities.

Metabolic Studies

Quantitative collection of biological samples over time.


Please contact the Pharmacology Core (pharma@bcprc.ca) for more information.

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