We have the capability of imaging bioluminescence and fluorescence for your in vivo study subjects. Our capability has been successfully used to measure and assess disease throughout the course of a study. Disease localization, burden, progression, as well as response to treatment can all be measured and monitored using our special equipment and techniques. With our Xenogen IVIS 200, the imaging modality allows for altered gene expression to be accurately monitored throughout the entire disease process and study.

Cell Lines Cell Type
EL4GFP/Luc Lymphoma, T-cell, mouse
SKOV3-Luc-D3 Ovarian adenocarcinoma,human
EL4-CD20GFP/Luc Lymphoma, T-cell, murine
ES-2GFP/Luc Ovarian carcinoma, human
GrantaGFP/Luc B-cell lymphoma, human
HT-29GFP/Luc Colerectal adenocarcinoma, human
HL-60GFP/Luc Promyeloblast, human
JIMT-1GFP/Luc Breast Cancer,human, Herceptin-resistant
JVM2GFP/Luc B-cell leukemia , human
LL/2GFP/Luc Lung carcinoma,mouse
MCF-7GFP/Luc Breast adenocarcinoma, human
MCF-7/HER2GFP/Luc Breast adenocarcinoma, human
MCF-7/NeoGFP/Luc Breast adenocarcinoma, human
MDA-MB-231GFP/Luc Breast adenocarcinoma, human
MDA-MB-435/LCC6WGFP/Luc Breast Cancer,human
MDA-MB-435/LCC6 P9(Vector)GFP/Luc Breast Cancer,human
MDA-MB-435/LCC6 HER2GFP/Luc Breast Cancer,human
NCCB-1GFP/Luc Lymphoma,human
PC3GFP/Luc Prostate carcinoma, human
Z138GFP/Luc B-cell lymphoma, Mantle cell, human
Zr-75-1GFP/Luc Breast carcinoma, human

Note: Luc = Luciferace in the table above.


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