Pharmacology Core

The Pharmacology Core’s mission is to provide access to state-of-the-art animal based research to investigate treatment solutions designed to alter the course of human disease development and progression. The Core offers versatile and cost effective pharmaceutical services that support early stage, proof-of-principle development activities in the field of cancer as well as other therapeutic and device applications. Additionally the Core links experts in pharmaceutical medicine from across British Columbia to collectively provide a range of services in both small and large animal models.

The Pharmacology Core centres on quality, whether services are conducted in conventional barrier facilities, or within bio-safety level containment facilities. Additionally, the Pharmacology Core has the expertise to conduct Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) safety toxicology in rodent (mouse or rat) models.


In Vitro Screening

In Vivo Pharmacology

Murine tumour models

Xenograft tumour models

Live imaging

Please contact the Pharmacology Core (pharma@bcprc.ca) for more information.

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