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Welcome to BC PRC

The BC PRC provides state-of-the-art animal based research tools to investigate models of human disease and to assess safe and effective treatment solutions designed to alter the course of disease development and progression.

The goals of this venture are centered on enabling preclinical research across British Columbia’s life sciences sector, creating an unparalleled network of researchers. Development of this internationally competitive network will foster communication, collaboration, education and an overall greater efficiency in animal research in British Columbia, nationally and internationally.


BC PRC provides access to a wide range of exceptional capabilities, experience and expertise, creating an unparalleled network of researchers, tools and infrastructure across British Columbia’s Life Science Sector and Research Institutions.

Quality Focused

All aspects of BC PRC are quality driven and are conducted in accordance with the best scientific practices, providing the utmost level of commitment to members and clients.


BC PRC has the capability of delivering flexible, tailored approaches to preclinical research objectives, whether the requirements are for a single study service or a complete research program.


"It is a great resource for our researchers."
Lowell McPhail, Ph.D., Facilities and Operations, ICORD (International Collaboration on Repair Discovery)


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